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qiuyehui Oct 12

For better and worse, the map takes a ton of matched grenades to solve on the Terrorist side, making solo-queueing on it a pain. My rounds on Marquis happen to be inexplicably positive, despite all the late-round roaming the map inspires. Terrorists face a collar-tuggingly terrifying path to A on this Operation Vanguard newcomer: long, narrow, and then uphill. B isn t much better, a bite-sized bombsite that h unusually vulnerable to frags and firebombs from three potential entrances. Some of the hiding places and elbows subterranean feel pointless to me. The subway establishing is at least a convincing combination of weathered graffiti and loose equipment. I ve been having an okay time along with Bazaar since it released last week. It h a conventional three-lane map with an AWP-friendly mid, albeit with a couple variations: its connectors are weird (like the S-shaped zig-zag from mid in order to B),

and mid has a left- and right-side entrance with regard to both teams. Something that s missing here is some decor: Bazaar is 80% unpainted walls and grey brick, providing the map an unfinished feel. Much more landmarks would encourage better map callouts, too. CS 1 ) 6 map Backalley has found its way back into the game. I enjoy Backalley a great deal in casual perform, where throwing bodies at chokepoints to solve problems becomes regular tactics. In 5-on-5, CSGO Skins though, the map s vertical areas become pretty unnoticed. I like the urban, vagely criminal really feel of it, but its biggest issue from the competitive standpoint is that the CTs only have 1 narrow, deadly entry option on possibly side. Dust2 h big brother has effectively been retired from competitive play altogether, and these days it s valued for its nostalgia. The route alterations Valve made to Dust when CS: PROCEED released were pleasant,

but no amount of reengineering can change the truth that both bombsites are absolutely buried in CT turf. This s a piece of history, but hasn t held up as well as most of CS stock roadmaps in Global Offensive. Assault is the siege-iest of CS' campy hostage maps. The CTs' entry choices are universally poor, clumsily mitigated in CS: GO by digging in glass windows on the facility rooftop. Stress through these skylights forces the Ts to turtle much more, opening up chances with regard to braver CTs in order to through the front and back doors. There is not much for Ts to do here but make like weird conspiracy theorists and point their weapons at their own doors. Like Assault, rounds of Italy fatigue longer than seasons of Dragon Golf ball Z. Valve tried to lure lazy Terrorists away from the hostage house through moving one of the criminals into the wine cellar near the center from the map www.csgo4sale.com