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qiuyehui Oct 13

Lis won more than $300 in items as a result of the loss, Jakub won more than $550, as well as Zarski walked away with nearly $1500 worth of products. The other three people of ALSEN-Michal "michi" Majkowski, Mateusz "matty" Kobodziejczyk, and Rafal "sany" Pietrzak-were not found to have been involved in the betting. There is certainly, however , evidence that other EPS Belgium teams were aware of the situation but didn't report it; instead, they placed wagers of their own on eliminacja, taking advantage of the steep 81-19 odds towards them. Given that in-game items were included rather than actual cash, the exact legality of the scenario (or lack thereof) is unclear. However it's incredibly questionable behavior, and even worse, it invokes the specter of widespread match-fixing in lower-tier pro leagues, wherever oversight may be lax.

It's a lot simpler to lose a match than it is in order to win one, although the most egregious examples may be easy sufficient to pick out, more skillfully-managed fixing (and let's be honest, using your own Vapor account to place wagers against your group is pretty ham-fisted) is a lot harder to pick up upon. "Tournament admins as well as organizers, and [CS: GO Lounge] site admins did and will perform everything to stop things like this, " CS: GO Lounge admins said in a statement. CSGO Skins ESL Pro Series Poland reps have not yet commented. And in “Well this is a nice idea but it would involve me not playing Jason Derulo on repeat whilst headshotting Ben so you can count me out” news: there are now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive songs kits.

What which means is when you have a music kit outfitted it replaces the in-game music along with music from your kit. That covers *deep breath* the main menus, round start, round end, bomb growing, bomb warning, round won, round dropped, round end caution and death camera bits of a match. For extra RUB-IT-IN-YOUR-FACE-ness there’s also a special MVP anthem which performs to everyone when you’re MVP. Here's a strange addition in order to Counter-Strike: Global Unpleasant: you can now customise the game's music. Rather than a simple option to stream your own music through, say, Steam Music, the functionality is a digital reskin of the songs. That means new, particularly composed music for the Main Menu, succeed and fail screens, death camera and so on