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ALL CHANGE 3 settings that will instantly make you a better FIFA 17 player

Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference on FIFA 17.But with so many settings, finding the right ones to tweak can prove a costly trial and error process. Thankfully, YouTuber Krasi has done the hard work for you and picked three quick changes that could have a real impact on your FIFA fortunes.fifa 18 xbox one coins Rather than just sticking with the default zoom and height values, you’re advised to change them both using the sliders.You want to set height to ’19’ and zoom to ‘3’.By doing this, you’ll be able to see all of the players on your radar. Krasi recommends changing the ‘player indicator’ to ‘player name’.This is because you’ll know exactly what player is on the ball – so be aware of their skills or stronger foot.As a result, you can adjust tactics accordingly. Article Tag: FIFA 18, FIFA 18 Coins, FUT 18 Coins Article From: Contact: