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Beijing Xizhimen Bridge by the driver Tucao: logo is not...

Beijing Xizhimen Bridge by the driver Tucao: logo is not clear as ecstasy array Xizhimen overpass is an overpass in the northwest of Beijing Second Ring Road, located in the northwest corner of the old city wall in Beijing, in the original city of Xizhimen in Beijing. Built in 1999, only two years, here became a well-known traffic jam location. Tonight, CCTV in the broadcast of 'charming road signs' program, specifically to Beijing Xizhimen Interchange, for example, so that foreign drivers and drivers were driving in Beijing this section of the road, the test results are still unsatisfactory. Moderator: road traffic is inseparable from the traffic signs, the sign was originally used to guide, but sometimes some signs not only do not understand the road, but let the driver turned to the fans, for example, some large Overpass has become the fans to worry about the ecstasy array. Commentary: there are some bridges around, looks like an overpass, it is gone Ecstasy array. Such as the Beijing Second Ring Road on this one, first listen to the drivers how to say. Reporter: Have you ever been to Xizhimen Bridge? Driver: gone. Reporter: how about? Do you think there is a good way to go? Driver: bad to go, in 2001 it around three laps, and then later followed by a taxi and then around, but also did not find their own way air max one flyknit. Driver: because it is not clear that mark. Reporter: do not see clearly? Driver: yes, do not look clear, really do not understand that. Driver: not so particularly eye-catching like, one you do not understand, you have to pondering, pondering you dare not pondering a long time, began to traffic jams, especially outsiders more choking. Commentary: an overpass really can around so many heroes hero? Reporters looking for two drivers to try. First of all this is a field driver, let him drive from here zoo to the North Third Ring Road, the right way through the overpass is such a line. The field driver can not go the way to the master? The field driver successfully completed the designated task, but the reporter still noticed on the way he hesitated twice. This is the first time the driver of the field hesitated fork in the fork, to the North Third Ring Road, the most eye-catching these two children on the brand but not see the North Third Ring Road. Field driver: I started to hesitate what, I saw the North Second Ring Road to this direction, I almost turned left on the bridge. Explanation: Come here, the master and hesitated. This brand so much information, let him a little bit Mongolian. Field drivers: You see this place to guide the direction of six, the beginning of the time do not understand, so that carefully selected a bit. The equivalent of a blinded, it felt straight on it. Commentary: followed by a reporter let him from here to drive the zoo to the West Second Ring Road, right through the overpass only one way, first straight, and then around the three big circle children, on the West on the second ring. Let's see if the driver can turn it clear? Well, a circle around the child, and a circle around the child to the third circle, the parking. Field driver: This is not right, this can not turn it. Commentary: at this intersection, should have to turn right, the results of the field drivers have chosen to the left air max flyknit shoes. Field driver: it is indeed the place that is the first impression that it is a one-way lane, if you turn right that feeling retrograde, so dare not turn. If this intersection plus a sign, it would be better. That is, if you have some landmarks under the ground, then guide the car, then you can. Commentary: field drivers to failure in the end, for the local drivers will not go better? The reporter got a local driver, let her drive from here to the zoo here to the West Second Ring Road official bridge. Unfortunately, the local driver came up the wrong way, in the direction of the fork in the right direction is to go here, and she chose this side. Reporter: how do you get up? Local driver: This prompted to the West Second Ring, ah, I was wrong. Because I see this brand, that is, in this main road entrance this place a very obvious signs above the West to read the way to the West Second Ring Road, there is such a sign. Then I am sure to go according to the direction of the brand to go, simply bar on the main road. Commentary: the local driver is not the first time did not see the intersection above the obvious brand, the above did not show the West Second Ring Road, so she went forward to see this brand, marked with the West Second Ring, indicating the main road Straight, the results went wrong. In fact, at this intersection marked the West Second Ring Road to take the road signs are there, where? Here, next to the bus station. Can this brand some small, and easy to be covered by the bus in the past, the drivers sometimes notice. So what is the traffic sign on the overpass? With this question, the reporter went to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Traffic Management Office, the person took out the road traffic signs set up the national standard. Above the traffic signs on the overpass did not clearly set up the location, but that can be set up in the bridge before the appropriate location. Reporter: Did you drive the bridge on your own? Li Yudong (Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Traffic Management Department logo management section chief): on the bridge, but I think if the bridge itself is particularly complicated way of traffic, it will inevitably bring the traffic sign design will be quite complex The Logo certainly can not be particularly clear, this is my personal understanding. Commentary: the reporter took out from the zoo to the official park direction of the local drivers and field drivers were wrong location logo, please continue to analyze the division, first look at the main road on the brand. So stand, is for what consideration? Reporter: Is this a misleading? Li Yudong: not misleading, this is what I just said that, because it is complex, in fact, we have a variety of detour routes. After you go to the main road nike air max 2017, to the West inside the street to the fire station here, you can Ben turn right, and then take the car Gongzhuang Street, you can also go to the official park bridge. Commentary: the original, this brand stand on the main road, that is, to see the wrong way to see cheap nike shoes. From here straight east, after two right turn, you can also around the West Second Ring. But this is not walking Xizhimen overpass, but around a big bend children, and then to the West Second Ring. And then look at the location of the location of the wrong driver, there is no sign, but also how to consider it? Li Yudong: traffic signs, it can be said on the road, with the road network changes or other circumstances, there may be damaged or lost, this situation may occur, the actual work often occurs, if it is not , That this reentry point is not, then we will be perfect. Explanation: Although the structure of the overpass is complex, but can not pass the design of traffic signs to make the road more clear and easier, the reporter went to Tsinghua University Department of industrial engineering driving safety and man-machine system simulation laboratory, where the researchers The driving simulation system and the telemetry eye tracker were used to study and experiment with the traffic sign of the overpass on Beijing Second Ring Road. They invited a driver who had not traveled through the Xizhimen overpass and carried out the simulation system. test. The driver twice in the same way the wrong road, Professor Zhang Wei transferred out of the driver in the experimental record, the screen part of the red is the driver's eyes to see the place. Zhang Wei (Tsinghua University, Professor of Industrial Engineering): see, overlooking the look, extended to the brand up. And then go, and then move forward, and then lost, this information is more, turn right to the vehicles, including the West Second Ring Road, North Second Ring Road, North Third Ring Road, College Road, the four directions of the car are Need to turn right in front, then the subjects looked, read the intensive, but she should not speak to understand. Commentary: After research, researchers modified the sign. Zhang Wei: Well, our first improvement is in the first bifurcation of the place, we put the road in accordance with the three lanes with gantry signs in accordance with the lane to indicate, where the inner lane, the middle lane to go Where, outside the lane to where to go. The second improvement is also a bifurcation, we put it with three arrows, the right arrow is forbidden, the middle of the two arrows we have a direction of the classification, which recommendations take the left lane, which suggestions to go Right lane, the third improvement is in front of this brand is the place of the export, adding a sign, suggesting that if she wants to turn right the vehicle should turn right in this place, the fourth improvement is that in this bifurcation Of the place, go to the West Second Ring is not straight but to turn right. Commentary: Now we let the subjects in accordance with the newly designed signs and then go again to see if you can go the right way. Staff: You can pull the stalls to stop the experiment, well, thank you for your participation. Commentary: You see, this traffic signs for a change, the drivers can find the road to be much easier, it seems traffic signs design science is not directly related to the signs of the guiding function can play normally, and similar This is not clear because the traffic signs caused by the problem is not uncommon. Let's take a look at this brand, how to go to the southeast ring. Reporter: in front of this brand you can understand it? This big sign, if you want to choose to go to the southeast ring you know how to go? Look at this brand. Driver: should be the auxiliary road turn right, which is not on the bridge it Reporter: Jianguomen Bridge is the right way to turn right Driver: yes. Driver: turn right under the bridge. Reporter: turn right under Jianguomen Bridge. Driver: yes. Driver: after the turn should be the auxiliary road. Reporter: take the Jianguomen Bridge Road is it? Driver: yes. Citizen: certainly over the door behind the Jianguomen Bridge, I believe that there should be signs and then go to the right. Reporter: Do you mean to go to the bridge and then turn right? Citizen: just over the Jianguomen Bridge. Driver: over the Jianguomen Bridge and then turn right? Citizens: Yes. Driver: do not look at that brand, that brand you can not read. Reporter: You can not read this brand. Driver: I can not read. Commentary: interview, most people have two views, one is to the southeast of the second ring, from the Jianguomen bridge under the right way to turn around the road, the other is the right turn on the bridge, the two can not reach the way Southeast of the second ring, the reporter tried, first turn right from the auxiliary road, but on a road to see such a brand, this export does not lead to the southeast ring, continue to move forward, come here, it is strictly prohibited The And then try the second approach, from the Jianguomen Gate Bridge on the right turn it, but on the bridge but found here can not turn right to the southeast ring, how to do it, continue to move forward, in accordance with the requirements of the signs around Three big bends to go to the southeast ring. So what is the big sign on the marked southeast ring how to go? In fact there is a horizontal line here, he said that in the absence of Jianguomen gate bridge has a junction, to the right turn to the southeast ring, then where is this intersection, look carefully, after this big brand, Such a brand, marked above the big wool alley right turn to the southeast ring. Reporters continue to move forward, looking for big wool alley, but has not seen the big wool alley signs where, has come to the alley mouth, turned to see a marked second southeast of the small brand, hidden In the tree. In fact, here is the big wool alley, and can drive the driver, they do not have more time to find, if they look at the signs to find the alley mouth really is not easy. In the streets, traffic signs are blocked phenomenon is not uncommon, you see the front of this sign, hidden in the tree, and some small, it is easy to be blocked before the car, approached to see the above marked airport high-speed Eight hundred meters, it is easy to be ignored by the driver, leading to the fork near the line and too late, and then look at these brands, you can see where he is pointing Look at the intersection mens nike free shoes, the lack of parking lines, car lane line, pedestrian walk zebra crossing, perhaps this road to build a new renovation, traffic signs line is not also should keep up with it. Moderator: the design of the signs can be more smooth traffic, especially in some traffic flow design of complex road conditions, the sign is even more important, the traffic signs how to design more scientific and more human, people see the walk , Which is the traveler's expectations, but also the responsibility of traffic managers, to the big that a small sign is a sign of traffic civilization level.