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Nanjing starved girl girl suspects were found in prison guards...

Nanjing starved girl girl suspects were found in prison guards despise Nanjing starved girl case came into effect the decision has been more than a year, was pregnant with the trial of Le Yan, sentenced after the death of her baby was born in her belly? Is the baby boy or girl? What is the current situation of mother and child? Who will depend on the child? Is still the focus of attention of all sectors of society. Recently, the reporter walked into the Nanjing Women's Prison, saw the prison in the depths of the prison. Compared with the trial, Le Yan no change air max one flyknit, still tall and fat. Le Yan said that she gave birth to a daughter, her daughter was born, she was temporarily fostered in Nanjing social welfare, prison specifically for her to develop a teaching and transformation program, and started with the social welfare, The way the video makes Le Yan meet with the newborn daughter. Early into prison, because of selfishness cold by prisoners contempt 'I was born outside the prison daughter air max flyknit shoes, in April this year to the prison.' For their own life, Le Yan so introduced. Reporters learned that Le Yan was Nanjing Intermediate People's Court sentenced to intentional homicide after life imprisonment, due to pregnancy in the body, is about to be produced, was temporarily supervised outside the implementation. During the detention center, Le Yan in the civil affairs department with the help of the smooth birth of a woman. After the resumption of production, she was sent to Nanjing woman prison sentence. And the newly born baby, by Yan Yan agreed to be temporarily sent to the social welfare homes foster care nike air max 2017. April 10, 2014 morning, the end of the temporary prison outside the implementation period, Le Yan was sent to Nanjing women's prison. And other prisoners feel different, Le Yan said she was disgusted with the past twisted life, she went to the detention center, prison, the heart actually feel 'practical, a sense of security.' But after a period of time, they found themselves difficult to adapt. Nanjing woman prison police introduction, due to the great impact of music social case, Le Yan jail at the beginning, has sparked a burst of waves. On the morning of April 10, when two policemen escorted Le Yan to prison, the policemen found that the order of the original quiet transformation was broken. More than 100 women who are receiving cohort training have been treated in the past, and they have been whispering. Why is this? The original, female prisoners of people's information is not blocked, they have a fixed time every day to watch the news. A woman committed to recognize the music Yan, said: 'This new woman is the starvation on the TV two mothers of the daughter of Le Yan.' I heard that Le Yan is starving their own daughter of the drug mother, many criminals Are Leyan very despise; coupled with Leyan own selfish, cold, lazy and other bad habits, resulting in her relationship with other criminals is very bad. Quarrel with others, most afraid of others to ask 'what you guilty of crime' in accordance with the provisions of the prison, the new prisoners of the main task of prisoners, one is to study the discipline and discipline, to develop standardized learning, living habits; Semi-militarized management, participation in cohort training and so on. And no culture and freedom of loose used to Le Yan, these are difficult to adapt: ​​supervision can not remember, quilt stack is not good, public health too lazy to do, often drag the team's hind legs. But why she looks tall and fat, one meter seven of the height, 170 pounds of weight, from time to time there are always cold words floating into her ears: 'eat like a pig' 'how not to starve themselves' 'tiger Poison is not a child it 'and so on, then Le Yan could not help but want to quarrel with other people. Than this is more so Yan Yan painful, is the new prisoners sometimes chatting together, ask each other what is the crime, sentenced a few years and so on. When people do not understand the situation asked Le Yan is what sin, she never wanted to answer, always divergent topic. Le Yan said that when the prosecutor, the prosecutor to her daughter to see the photo, like a nightmare, so she did not dare to recall. Someone else's questioning, she dare not answer cheap nike shoes. In this high wall power grid, away from the drugs, gambling anesthesia, she occasionally think about the past. In Nanjing Women's Prison, Le Yan began to accept a variety of legal knowledge, ethics and traditional culture of education mens nike free shoes. For such a special prisoner, the prison has long been fully prepared. After learning that Le Yan to be delivered, the prison on the one hand actively with the local judicial departments to understand the relevant circumstances, on the other hand pooling experts, legal experts, psychological counselors and other groups, especially for the development of the ' Psychological counseling, affection 'education program. After the prison, the police first talk with Le Yan talk about, to understand their ideological dynamics, and through psychological tests, risk assessment and other means, targeted to carry out individual talks and psychological crisis intervention and guidance. According to the physical situation of the body after the sluggish body, the appropriate reduction of her outdoor training tasks, and for her preaching maternal health knowledge. In her conflict with other criminals, in accordance with regulatory discipline fair treatment, and asked other criminals to treat her on an equal footing, to avoid excessive stimulation. But only these are far enough, the police have carefully studied the music of the swords and found that she is not always very cold, for her daughter, she also revealed that the same time, Too short maternity. For example, when she put two children at home for more than a month later, she saw the shopkeeper shopkeeper daughter, suddenly thought his child may have suffered unfortunate, holding the child to cry. But this moment of human sparks soon by the temptation of drugs and gambling submerged, crying she still did not go home to see the child, turned and went out to play. Therefore, to reach the depths of her soul, to help her find the devoid of human nature is the most important. By understanding the history of the growth of Le Yan, the police found that the lack of a small family affection for her great influence, to develop her cold character, so decided to start from the recovery family. With the Jiangning District Justice Bureau together, the prison to persuade the mother of Yan Yan to monitor the visit. Prison police said, Le Yan was born in the spring of 1991 in Anhui rural areas, my mother named her, I hope she can grow like a spring swallows happy, do not like their own embarked on the embarrassing way of life. Who had expected, mother and daughter of the two generations of unfortunate surprisingly similar. Like two dead daughters, Le Yan is also an illegitimate child, born, the parents did not how to control her. A child of Le Yan, raised by the grandmother, 4 years old, my mother took her to the grandfather of Nanjing home, turned away. Since then, Le Yan never seen her mother. April 17, the prison received the day, in the prison police arrangements, Yue Yan saw a long time to survive the mother, Le Yan very excited. Her mother also regret to neglect their care and guilt, mother and daughter finally open heart knot, bury the hatchet. The police are hot ironsmith, held in prison six one section of the theme of teaching activities, specially arranged Le Yan to participate in activities and sitting in the front row. When you see other children and mothers meet each other on stage, think of their own cute, will giggle so that her children will never come back again, just think of the full moon to lose the mother's daughter, Shed tears of remorse. To teach students to learn, to participate in 'interpersonal skills training camp' end of two months of training life, Le Yan was assigned to the production area. In her twenty years of life experience, almost no normal collective life, do not know how to cooperate with others, collaboration, and lazy habits dictates, she often escape the labor. In view of the actual situation of Le Yan, the police station developed a two-pronged plan, that is, on the one hand grasp the production of labor, one hand and psychological correction, with the sweat of labor to get rid of her bad habits, through psychological training to develop her normal personality. Under the arrangement of the police, a technically strong, gentle character became a master of Le Yan, specifically to teach her to do 'Ma Wang trip' this process. Training from the most basic step on the straight line 0.1cm, 0.6cm to start, until the basis of the prison, the master and hands to teach her process technology: a process into a number of steps, each step of the process requirements, gestures, efforts to explain in detail A demonstration, in the Le Yan operation, timely pointed out that there are problems, and finally make her gradually master the technical essentials. After the development of the corresponding task, the award commendable lazy, urging her to work actively. In addition, in the process of doing their own, and the communication between the upper and lower track is also very important to encounter problems to try to coordinate the solution, more than standing in the other's sake, complaining each other, shirk responsibility can only lead to greater contradictions, Le Yan in the labor harvest a lot. In the weekly study day, in charge of the police will bring Le Yan to the prison mental health guidance center to participate in 'interpersonal skills training camp', through psychological games, theoretical explanation and practical examples, how to teach her how to live in harmony with people. When she was depressed, the police will be her psychological counseling, and the use of music therapy, meditation room relaxation and other psychological correction methods, to cultivate her grateful, Chongshan's ideology, education, she face the crime, face reality, practical work, the final Make atonement for yourself, meet new life. Prison is pulling strings, Yue Yan hope with her daughter video is not just a prison, the community is also trying to help her. Reporters learned that on July 8, 2014, Nanjing Intermediate People's Court, Nanjing People's Procuratorate and Jiangning District Justice Bureau of the cadres came to the prison to see the help of music swords, detailed tell Le Yan its children's current living conditions, let her Peace of mind into the transformation. In the face of the former trial judge, the prosecutor and has been concerned about helping their own cadres, Le Yan several times choked, said to get rid of lazy problems. 'Lok Yan than when there is progress.' Talk about the transformation of the situation, the Nanjing Women's Prison Police said that at present, Le Yan has been successfully through the development of dangerous period, in compliance with the discipline, with the same prisoners Get along, improve labor skills and other aspects have made significant progress. Le Yan, after all, still young, nightmare will always be in the past, hoping to live a long sentence of life, not only can she know how to pay in return, but also let her comprehend the truth of the world, find the beauty of human good. Hear the police praise themselves, Le Yan is also very happy, she told reporters that in August this year, she also watched the Olympic Games on the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony. See the city in the TV Ambilight and the free, unrestrained, passionate people, Le Yan said she was shocked, in the heart, for their past behavior to Nanjing to bring disgrace and shame. Reporters learned from the Nanjing Women's Prison, Nanjing Women's Prison is working with the social welfare Institute, hoping to pass the way the video to Le Yan and the new daughter to meet, so that the right to enjoy the right people love the right. Le Yan said, to see the newly born daughter, but also her most hope, she hopes in this little daughter who learn how to do a qualified mother.